Pros Using the NordVPN App on Android

On today’s occasion I will provide a little information about “Reviewing the NordVPN application and how to use the NordVPN application on an Android phone”. NordVPN is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)-like application that is private.

Enjoy fast, secure and private Internet access with the world’s most advanced VPN.

NordVPN lets you connect to more than 1100 servers in 60 countries, secures your personal data with military-grade encryption, blocks annoying ads and dangerous sites.

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Pros of the NordVPN Android App

 Shield against malware

Our CyberSec feature detects and blocks malicious sites so no malware or other cyber threats can infect your device.

 Skip annoying ads

CyberSec also allows you to browse the internet ad-free, which also increases connection speed and reduces mobile data consumption.

 Choose what is best for you

NordVPN offers a 7-day free trial on all subscription plans. So if in doubt, take us for a test drive.

 Turn on your entertainment

NordVPN unblocks geo-restricted websites and lets you stream your favorite videos wherever you are.

 Keep your personal data to yourself

With NordVPN your IP address is hidden and all your internet traffic is highly encrypted.

NordVPN On All Devices
 Stay anonymous online

NordVPN is fully committed to customer privacy and keeps no logs of any of your activity.

 NordVPN speed

NordVPN offers decent speeds on some servers, although there seems to be some variability.
For servers in my general area (Europe), I usually get between 20 and 60 Mbps.

With this NordVPN server in Amsterdam, download speeds max out at 32 Mbps but then drop to 18 Mbps

Conclusion: Am I Willing to Pay For NordVPN?

Just one word – of course! Personally, when looking for a VPN provider, I seem to want the same things as you all – privacy, security, and speed. NordVPN does very well in all of these key areas.

I was very impressed with the server speed which was much better than what I expected from a VPN service provider. True, there were some disappointments such as the poor server speed in Malaysia, but since it’s only one of 62 countries, it’s safe to say this isn’t a problem.

What’s extra is that NordVPN’s 3-year plan costs just 3,29$ per month, from what I’ve seen it’s a very reasonable price. Even if someone were to offer a lower price, I doubt they would have the level of service that NordVPN offers.

Am I willing to pay for this? Of course.

Main feature

 ✓ No logging
 ✓ Dual DNS
 ✓ Support up to 6 devices
 ✓ PGP for private communication
 ✓ Multiple protocol support

Recommended For

 • Top class security
 • Simple but powerful UI
 • Large number of servers
 • Available for almost all platforms

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